Reading Suggestions

Here are a few great books that you can read at home until we get to have story times together again! (Book titles link to external sites so you can download or read online. You can also check the library catalog and request these titles via curbside!)

The Rough-Face Girl

By: Rafe Martin and David Shannon

What if Cinderella was an Algonquin girl living long ago in the United States or Canada? The Rough-Face girl doesn’t have a team of mice to make her a beautiful dress like the Cinderella we know from Disney, but she does use her own cleverness and inner beauty to find her happily-ever-after.

Picture Book, recommended for ages 7-9

Book Uncle and Me

By: Uma Krishnaswami

Every day Yasmin borrows a book from the “Book Uncle,” who has set up a makeshift library on the corner of her street. When the mayor decided that the library is too ugly and decides to force Book Uncle to leave, Yasmin must work with her friends and neighbors to save their library!

Chapter Book, recommended for ages 7-10


By: Cornelia Funke

Imagine if the characters in your favorite books could come to life! That’s exactly what happens when Meggie’s dad reads aloud. Awesome, right?! But there’s a catch: whenever someone (or something) is read out of a book, someone or something from this world has to take its place in the story world. So begins a lively adventure in which the two brave real world and fairy tale world foes in order to rescue Meggie’s mom and force the fictional but very dangerous and power-hungry Capricorn back into his own story.

Chapter Book, recommended for ages 9-15

The Bad Guys

By: Aaron Blabey

Mr. Wolf, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Snake, and Mr. Shark are always called bad guys, and they’re tired of it. Mr. Wolf comes up with a plan to show that they are, in fact, good guys. Breaking dogs out of the maximum-security pound sounds like a good idea, right?

Graphic Novel, recommended for ages 7-9

Where Are You Going, Baby Lincoln?

By: Kate DiCamillo

Eugenia always tells Baby Lincoln what to do. She tells her which books to read, what food to eat, and where to shop. But one day Baby has had enough. She wants to choose things for herself, and decides to take a trip–without her sister. What happens when Eugenia doesn’t have anyone to order around? Can Baby make good decisions for herself? Read and find out!

Chapter Book, recommended for ages 6-10

The Princess in Black

By: Shannon Hale

Princess Magnolia is polite and enjoys tea parties and fancy dresses, but there’s more to this princess than meets the eye. Princess Magnolia has a secret identity as The Princess in Black, and she works hard protecting her kingdom from monsters with her steed, Blacky. Will she be able to keep her identity secret when her monster alarm goes of during tea with a nosy duchess?

Chapter Book, recommended for ages 5-10

Bonus activity: Draw two self-portraits, representing different aspects of your personality. Write a short story in which you have to use both personas.

Ada’s Violin

By: Susan Hood

Ada grew up in a very poor town in Paraguay and her family only had barely enough money for food. Still, Ada dreamed of playing violin in an orchestra someday. One day, a music teacher arrived in Ada’s town, and helped Ada and her friends and neighbors create instruments from old cans, pieces of wood, and wire. This is a true story–read to find out how the hand-made instruments worked out!

Picture Book, recommended for ages 4-9

Bonus Project: After reading this, make your own recycled-materials instrument, then send a picture to us at the library email address or on the Morrill Memorial Facebook page!

The Most Magnificent Thing

By: Ashley Spires

The little girl makes things. One day she has an idea for an absolutely wonderful thing, and plans out exactly what it will look like. She collects parts and puts them together carefully, but it doesn’t quite look the way she imagined. How can she build the Most Magnificent Thing?

Picture Book, recommended for ages 3-8

Bonus Project: After reading this, use recycled materials to create your own Most Magnificent Thing, then send a picture to us at the library email address or on the Morrill Memorial Facebook page!


By: Kyo Maclear

Spork doesn’t quite fit in with the other silverware. He’s not quite a spoon, but not quite a fork either. He’s definitely not a knife. Will Spork find a way to belong or is he doomed to be an outcast forever?

Picture Book, recommended for ages 5-9

Three By the Sea

By: Mini Grey

A cat, a dog, and a mouse live in a small house by the sea. They each have their own jobs around the house and are very content until a mysterious stranger arrives and stirs up some chaos. Can the three still be friends despite the meddling stranger? Read and find out!

Picture Book, recommended for ages 3-8

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